Schedule Your Private Appointment Today

Schedule Your Private Appointment Today

Your dog is a good dog. A very good dog. But your dog does not like public spaces. Or other dogs. Or other people. Or any combination thereof. BUT — and this is important: Your dog needs stuff. Because dog.

Well… I guess you’re just going to have to order a bunch of stuff online, cross your fingers, and hope it all fits, right? 


We get that not all dogs do well in public spaces. We get it because Vesper, as we may have mentioned a few dozen times, is reactive. He’s difficult to walk, he intimidates almost everyone who dares set foot in our home, and he only really shows his “good boy side” when we’re at the vet. 

That’s why we’ve always offered private appointments for shy and reactive dogs. They deserve gear that fits just as much as anyone else, right? (Also bow ties. I mean, what would Vesper do without his collection of bow ties?!)

All you need to do is contact us! We’ll set aside 30 minutes for you and your dog — before we open or after we close — to try things on and shop for toys and treats and whatever else. Need more than 30 minutes? Let us know and we’ll make it happen.

To minimize stress, when you schedule your appointment please tell us:

    • What specifically you’re shopping for.
    • What size (generalizations are totally fine) is your dog.
    • If there are any safety or health precautions we should know about.

This way we can set aside a few pre-selected items to help your dog settle and make their in-person shopping experience a positive one. 

That’s it! We’re so excited (in a calm, respectful way) to meet your shy or reactive dog.

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