Welcome to Houndstooth!

We're so glad you stopped by! Whether you're visiting us in person or online, you'll find lots of fun things for pets and their people. 

In Burlington? We're right next to Onyx Tonics and across the street from Bennington Potter's.

We've got buckets full of dog toys, waiting for you and your pup to choose the perfect one. Because we know how much you care about your pets, we carefully select items we can all feel good about. Before we add something to our shelves, we look into where a product was made, how it was made, and who made it. That's why all of our dog and cat toys are non-toxic, and most are made with love by small businesses. We also carry as many brands as possible that craft their toys from recycled or sustainable materials — and quite a few are manufactured right here in the USA. 

And, yes, we mentioned dogs and cats because — guess what? We sell cat stuff, too! Toys and treats and beds and collars and bow ties that will make everyone's day...even your cats' (perhaps especially your cats?)!

Use our couch to rest up if you just walked up College Street from the waterfront (it's a steep hill, we know!). Or use that area to try on coats and harness — there's plenty of room. 

Need a gift? Check out our selection of socks, mugs, coasters, and magnets. We can't represent every breed, of course (there are literally HUNDREDS, not to mention all the one-of-a-kind mixed breeds in the world!), but we do our best to find a few "OMG you have my dog!" items. Because it's fun — and because no one knows what a Saluki is, so we totally get the "not well known breed" struggle.

And YES! PETS WELCOME! Especially if they need a new coat or harness. That said, we realize that not all dogs CAN make the trip into Houndstooth. Maybe they don't do well in social settings. Or maybe you (and they!) live in another state. If that's the case, we've got a store full of fake dogs and a binder full of size charts. We'll work with you to find the best fit.

(With that in mind, we pride ourselves on fitting some pretty "hard to fit" hounds. We've sold winter coats and sweaters to Great Danes, Greyhounds, Basset Hounds, and Bulldogs, for example — and all kinds of clothing to various teacup breeds.)

Don't forget to stop by our Barkery case (conveniently located right by the register!) for a specialty cookie. Each one is made from human-grade all natural ingredients, and they look and smell good enough to tempt anyone. Even you!

Locals, pick up a Barkery Treat Card to get a FREE COOKIE from the case after your 10th treat.

See you soon!