Need a martingale? What's a martingale?!

Need a martingale? What's a martingale?!

With April being National Adopt a Greyhound Month, we thought we’d cover our favorite collars for greyhounds—which are also great collars for non-greyhounds: The martingale.

(First of all, to anyone who sets foot in our shop looking for a martingale, you make our day. Truly. 💖 But that is not helpful to those of you who don't know what we're talking about...)

Unlike a quick release collar, a martingale slips over the head. Unlike a choke collar, a martingale has a second loop (which is why some call it a “double loop” collar) that prevents it from “choking out” your dog. Okay, so that’s what the collar isn’t… what is it?

Similar to a limited slip collar—some think of it as a variation on the limited slip collar—a martingale is a good option for dogs known to back out of their collars. Or, for Sighthound people, if your dog’s collar has a nasty habit of slipping off as soon as they put their head down. Ahem.

Your leash attaches to the smaller loop on the martingale, which tightens the collar—giving the dog a “correction” when they attempt to back out. Or, you know, just keeping it on when they move their little wedge heads up and down!

We currently carry two widths of martingales (1” for all sizes, and 1.5” for Small, Medium, Large, and XL collars), two brands (2 Hound Designs and Momo & Bibby), and two different styles. That is, the traditional martingale we just explained…but also the “combo” collar which does have a quick release. The combo collar is a nice option for people who aren’t fully comfortable with the act of slipping the collar on/off (it does require a bit more adjustment) — or who don’t always want to use the “martingale” aspect of the collar.

“Does width make a difference? Why do I see so many greyhounds with wide collars?” The collar is equally effective no matter the width. It really is a personal preference thing. Most of the Sighthound people we know prefer 1.5” to 2” martingales purely for esthetics. Luna Mae, for example, looks amazing in everything (a totally unbiased opinion!). Sierra, however, looks much prettier in a wider collar because her fawn neck is so crazy long it’s almost blinding when she’s “naked.” Katie, Ellie, Dingo, and Vishna also looked better with wider collars (in my opinion) because of their exceptionally long necks. They just stand out more.

If you’re curious about martingale collars, check out our display towards the end of our collar wall. Our “fitting guide” at the top of the wall can help you size the collar (and see if it’s right for your dog).

(Sierra is modeling a 1.5" martingale from 2 Hound Designs.)

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