Featured Non-Profit: Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption

Giving back to the community is one of Houndstooth's core values. We've learned from personal experience how wonderful the pet community can be when you're in need. So it's important to us to help whenever and wherever possible.

Since 2006, we've volunteered for Chase Away K9 Cancer (a cause near and dear to our hearts) and even founded a fun run (the Chase Away 5K) to help raise money and awareness for canine cancer. We've also volunteered for international rescue groups like Galgos del Sol, as well as local pet rescues. When we can, we donate items to local shelters — and throughout the year as raffle/auction item contributions.

And once a month, we shine the light on a different animal or pet charity, to educate the Houndstooth community on important resources and rescues you might not otherwise know about —but will be glad you do now!

Retired racing greyhounds are at the heart and soul of this adoption group. After tracks closed in New Hampshire — and across the U.S. — they pivoted to help rehome worldwide greyhounds, as the sport is still going strong in other countries. They've also broadened their horizons to help any Sighthound* in need, anywhere in the world. 

Their facility in Swanzey, NH, includes multiple play yards, a dog park, and a walking trail.

To offset costs (and because it just makes a ton of sense!), Fast Friends offers boarding and grooming for all breeds, and even hydrotherapy to help dogs heal from surgery.

Learn more, or donate directly, here.

*Think Greyhound, Whippet, Borzoi (aka Russian Wolfhound), Saluki, Afghan Hound, Italian Greyhound/ Iggy, Irish Wolfhound, Scottish Deerhound, Galgo (aka Spanish Greyhound), etc.