"They Eat It, You Buy It"

"They Eat It, You Buy It"

Yes! Pets welcome! We love meeting your fur-family, and — if you're shopping for something like a harness or a coat — we want to make sure we fit your pup up right.

That said, there are a few necessary caveats. Remember the adage, "You break it, you buy it?" Well...the same rule basically applies here. If your pet eats, destroys, or pees on product, you're responsible for it. (That goes for you, too, if you spill coffee or ice cream or anything else.)

If you or your pet break one of our displays, we won't ask you to reimburse us fully, but there may be an "oops" fee of some type, depending on what was broken and how severe the damage. You may have noticed that William, our friendly German Shorthaired Pointer, has been headless for a while. His head is pretty far gone at this point, and we haven't yet decided what to do about it.

With this in mind, we respectfully ask that you:

  • Keep leashes short, especially if your dog is on a retractable.
  • Keep lids on your drinks and food contained.
  • Keep an eye on your pet — know where they are and what they're doing at all time.
  • Let us know if your pet pees in the shop. We promise yours isn't the first — and won't be the last. More importantly, if we don't know, we won't know something needs to be cleaned up. And if it doesn't get cleaned up...that leads to a whole afternoon of dog messes that *no one* wants to deal with.

Thank you!

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