Featured Non-Profit: Galgos del Sol

Giving back to the community is one of Houndstooth's core values. We've learned from personal experience how wonderful the pet community can be when you're in need. So it's important to us to help whenever and wherever possible.

Since 2006, we've volunteered for Chase Away K9 Cancer (a cause near and dear to our hearts) and even founded a fun run (the Chase Away 5K) to help raise money and awareness for canine cancer. We've also volunteered for international rescue groups like Galgos del Sol, as well as local pet rescues. When we can, we donate items to local shelters — and throughout the year as raffle/auction item contributions.

And once a month, we shine the light on a different animal or pet charity, to educate the Houndstooth community on important resources and rescues you might not otherwise know about —but will be glad you do now!

The Galgos del Sol Centre houses over 250 dogs in Murcia, Spain. The facility includes multiple kennel blocks with indoor/outdoor access — including a "puppy block" for nursing mothers — running water bowls, a triage unit, an education center, and more.

Most of the dogs are hunting dogs such as Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) and Podencos that were either left at the Centre's door or found, often quite injured, roaming the streets and hillside. They have also rescued dogs, cats, and even the occasional sheep (!) found abandoned nearby.

While they do have paid staff, they also depend strongly on a volunteer network. People come from all over the world to spend a week at the facility. It's a lot of work, but so utterly rewarding. 

GDS strives to provide the very best for the dogs while they are waiting to be adopted into forever homes. Thanks to partners across North America and Europe, dogs are placed all across the globe.

Read about our personal experience at GDS.

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